GECOM was founded in Barcelona in 2005, starting from the technical and commercial team of Vicente García, one of the leading companies in the sector at that time. And it is in this city where we have been developing our creativity and technical capacity year after year, project after project. It is the perfect place to assimilate the balance between natural and architectural beauty and its subsequent application in the creation of communication and commercial spaces.

Since then, top technicians have worked with our company to make up the current team— an interdisciplinary group of professionals prepared to attend to our projects at an international level. Because that's where we currently develop a number of our projects.

from barcelona to the world gecom

Since 2009 GECOM has partnered with approved and ISO 9001 certified studios in Portugal, Spain and Hungary in Europe; and Turkey, Saudi Arabia and India in the rest of the world, giving us constructive capacity practically throughout Europe and Asia. We work from Russia to Saudi Arabia, not to mention the occasional project in South America.

With over 15 years under our belt, we are dedicated to the design and construction of stands, showrooms, architecture for congresses and retail. We have worked with over 500 clients, and on 5,000 projects and 670 fairs. And we hope to continue like this for many years to come, and above all, with you.

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